Safeguarding and Promoting Welfare in School.

Safeguarding is the term used to cover these aspects of keeping children safe and happy in school:

  • Child Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid/Medicines in school
  • Anti-bullying
  • Behaviour
  • E-Safety
  • Checking staff records

Every member of staff and visitor will have been checked for identification before entering the school building.  All members of  staff hold a DRB and all relevant checks have been made to ensure the safety of our pupils.

All our staff have undertaken annual training and updates for the Safeguarding of our all our pupils.  Including; Pervent, FGM and Child Exploitation.

Key members of our Pastoral Team have also undertaken training for Bullying or Cyber Bullying,  Substance misuse, domestic violence etc.

School Ethos

Every individual is valued and respected by our school community.

Our ‘Diamond Rules’ are consistently reinforced so that learning takes place in a secure and happy environment.

We expect high standards of politeness and good manners.

Good, responsible behaviour is consistently rewarded.

Inappropriate behaviour leads to consequences, related to the seriousness and frequency.

The whole school team works together to achieve good standards of behaviour.

We listen to each other’s concerns in a ‘no blame’ atmosphere.

Our school rules reflect to our school ethos;

Diamond Rules

Follow instructions with
thought and care.

Care for everyone and

Show respect and good

Playground Friends

Our Year 6 Playground Friends are here to ensure no child is alone at playtime unless they choose to be!

Helping to make break times a happy time for all.

Playtime is a vital part of our day, teaching children to be active, interact and let off steam. For some children this can be a daunting experience so our Playground Friends are there to educate and promote positive play, engage & encourage inclusion of all children and develop skills within the playground – just look out for the blue caps!

Circle Time

Each Wednesday every class, from reception to Year 6 engages in ‘Circle time’.   Circle time has an important role in the prevention of bullying.

It helps develop skills such as listening and empathising, it promotes respect for others and self-esteem, developing trust, moral values and awareness of their responsibilities towards others and towards themselves.

Circle time is also great fun way to help solve problems which have been identified by either the teacher or the pupils, helping a class to ‘gel’ together exploring new ideas.

Restorative Approach

All our staff are trained in the ‘Restorative Approach’ which focus’s on repairing harm and restoring broken relationships by addressing the needs of victims, offenders and their community resulting in long lasting conflict resolution.

  • What happened?
  • What were you thinking at the time?
  • Who has been affected? In what way were they affected?
  • What needs to be done to make things right?

Peer Mediators

Our Year 6 Peer Mediators are here to support our pupils in resolving their differences and find an acceptable solution using a ‘Restorative Justice’ approach. 

Mediators; listen without judging or blaming, don’t take sides, and help people in conflict to understand each others point of view and to find ways to make things better – just look out for the red caps!


E Safety

Parents and carers play a key role in developing safe and responsible online behaviours – we work with our parents and children to raise awareness of e-safety issues and risks as well as the benefits of using technology responsibly.

School Council

Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account.

Here at King’s Norton Primary we take the voice of the pupil seriously – we encourage our children to consider, look outside the box and speak up. We value their input!

School councillors are elected, following their campaign, through an electoral process by pupils in their class to represent the views of all pupils and to work with staff, the PTA and the wider community to improve our school.



Safe Side

Our Year 5 children visit Safeside at Eastside an experiential learning centre that brings PSHE to life through life-like scenarios such as a road crossing, bus, train, canal, car, house, alleyway, food store and street scene.

In an interactive, practical two-hour tour, our children learn to recognise key dangers and understand how to reduce risk to themselves and others.

How loud can you


make sure anyone who scares you finds out!”


Our children are only released at the end of the day to their parents or people that their parents have authorised!


Road Safety

We recognise that children are amongst the most vulnerable road users so education is a essential part of getting the road safety messages across.

We follow the Birmingham City Council Roadwise Schools Project with all our children from Reception to Year 6 inviting our local Traffic and Community Police in to talk to our children.

And our fabulous PTA paid for our playground to include road markings to help us.

Road safety education and training is a lifelong learning process that does not begin or end in schools.

Life Education

Every year the Life Caravan visits during our Health Week to support our pupils learning throughout all the school years on all sorts of topics that affect our children’s health.

Children learn about the body, drugs and medication, how food and exercise affects the running of our bodies etc. in order to promote the health and well being of all our pupils.