Space camp was amazing. We did lots of fun activities. We were split into two groups. One of the activities was stargazing or drawing aliens on the playground. I’m sure you have all seen them. Meanwhile the other group were doing the moon walk. For this activity we got into pairs and try to build a rover. But there is a twist you are not allowed to see the instructions. Your partner has to describe where to put each piece. We also with the partner we were sleeping with got a subject about space and had to find as much about it as possible. Fin, my partner, and I got the ISS (the International Space Station). To finish the day off we watched the movie ET with cake biscuits and hot chocolate. During the night it was boiling. If I didn’t poke my head out of the tent I would have came out as a baked potato. All in all I personally found it very fun and think we should do another one for Year 5. I would also like to thank Mr Ashton for organising it and Mr Judge, Mrs Fisher and Miss Owen for helping out during the night.


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